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Lori Shea

Founder, Guatemala Medical Travel

Lori Shea, Founder Guatemala Medical Travel

Lori Shea is originally from the Connecticut shoreline and Block Island, RI.  She studied at the State Conservatory of Music in Puebla, Mexico, and completed her education in Business Administration at Strayer University in Washington, DC.  She has been providing consulting, accounting, sales and marketing services to the hospitality industry in Miami Beach and Key West since 1986.  Lori first arrived in Rio Dulce, Guatemala aboard a sailboat in 2005 and had a home and business there for two years.

Megan McMillin, RN, BSN

Client Services

Megan McMillin, RN, BSN - Guatemala Medical TravelMegan completed her professional degrees, a BS in nursing and a BA in economics, in Tucson, AZ and Denver, CO.  She has provided patient evaluation and treatment in cardiovascular, post-operative and hospice care in both clinical and home health environments.  As a Spanish-speaker, Megan has been able to achieve high goals in volunteer programs in Rio Dulce, Guatemala and throughout Central America.  Foreign clients of Guatemala Medical Travel are assured of full VIP treatment under Megan’s care and guidance.

Katharina Vetten, RN, BSN

Client Services

Katharina Vetten, RN, BSN - Guatemala Medical TravelKatharina’s early medical experience was in her parents’ nursing home in Germany. There, she worked in hospital facilities, for both children and elderly patients, for more than nine years, and earned two degrees: a B.S. in Nursing in 2008, specializing in pediatric medicine; and a second in Social Management.  In Guatemala, Katharina volunteered at the San Felipe Hospital, and she continues to manage European donations for local Guatemalan charities. Katharina’s offers GMT clients top-notch medical skills, together with genuine charm and warmth. Katharina and her husband have lived in Antigua, Guatemala since 2012.

Ann Gonzalez, RN, BSN

Client Services

Ann Gonzalez, BSN, R.N., Client Services, Guatemala Medical TravelAnn grew up in a medical family in the Philippines.  She worked in the family’s hospital as a teen-ager, and earned her degree in nursing in 1992.  Ann traveled around the world as a personal flight attendant with the Royal Family of Brunei for four years before settling in Chicago.  Ann now lives in Antigua with her husband and two sons.  Her varied background in both world travel and medical care is a great asset to the Guatemala Medical Travel team.

Karin Rudberg, RN, BSN

Client Services

Karen Rudberg, BSN, R.N., Client Services, Guatemala Medical TravelKarin grew up in Sweden and earned her degree in nursing in 2010, then continued her training in Public and International Health. After attending a specialized university program on infectious diseases in Nicaragua, and then visiting medical facilities in Africa, Karin developed a strong interest in global health issues.  She has worked in a ward for infectious diseases in Sweden, and in a heart and lung surgical hospital in Norway, as well as various Guatemalan health centers since 2005.  Karin’s devotion to preventive health and nutrition is evident through her participation in the Caoba Organic Farms in Antigua, Guatemala.




Billing & Payment Information Guatemala Medical TravelMedical bills can be paid here, from your home, quickly and safely through PayPal.  Your pre-payment package will include all medical expenses, medications, accommodations, and assorted services.  We accept US$ at banks in the United States or Guatemala.  Ask your agent about the payment procedure that will work most easily for you.

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