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Guatemala Medical Travel StaffThe day of your operation or treatment, a bi-lingual escort from our office will accompany you to the hospital or clinic to oversee transportation, paperwork and payments and to communicate with your providers most effectively to expedite your treatment and recovery. Your Guatemala Medical Travel agent will listen carefully to directions by the physicians and staff, write detailed notes of the doctor’s instructions, and help you follow them precisely for a quick, successful recovery.

Maintaining healthy bodies and minds is a serious responsibility that requires careful consideration in both our daily lifestyle choices and our long-term financial decisions. We exercise and eat well, drive safely and pay for our health insurance every month. But, medical expenses are increasing at 8-20% per year while our incomes are not, and the rules are changing. For the benefit of ourselves and our families, we must learn about all the options in order to determine the best possible plan.      

Informed patients.Paying insurance premiums every month is not a guarantee that the patient is assured of receiving optimum medical attention, nor that he is immune from suffering astronomical expenses apart from what his insurance company decides to cover.

For those who are self-insured, traveling abroad for health care procedures becomes an affordable and attractive alternative that reduces out-of pocket expenses. Many people find that high deductibles, co-payments, wait-lists and out-right denials make leaving the country for treatment a far more sensible solution. 

We need to make the move to being informed consumers, purchasing quality medical services and products at a fair and reasonable price, instead of policyholders asking permission to get a good value from our health care expenses. 

These days, a serious illness or operation in America might involve a second mortgage loan or bankruptcy.

Guatemala Medical Travel benefits families.The entire family is affected by the devastating consequences of astronomical medical bills. Is it the children’s college fund, or your retirement portfolio, or the family home that will pay for the medical expenses? The same surgery in Guatemala could be paid with a credit card.

Maybe the good news is that you have health insurance and the provider covers 80% of your medical expenses. But, if the heart surgery costs $125,000, the patient is still responsible for paying $25,000.  Americans are thinking twice about why they should pay up to 10 times more for quality health care than the rest of the world does.

Please consult with your doctor, then with another one, and maybe even a third. Research your symptoms, options and alternatives with the huge amount of on-line resources, and then call Guatemala Medical Travel. Our best patients are aware and informed and ready to take advantage of the health care choices offered in Guatemala.