Patients and clients of Guatemala Medical Travel will spend their recuperative days in the luxurious, tranquil sanctuary of our own recovery retreat just outside of Antigua, Guatemala. “Casa Muriel,” is a private home in serene environs, with patios, gardens and mountain views. Every detail is carefully planned by our nurses and managers to assure your comfort and peace-of-mind during recovery. The finest physical therapy and massage studios, fitness centers and medical clinics are only minutes away.

Casa Muriel, Guatemala Medical Travel Guest House
Compound Entry to Casa Muriel
Entry gate and Volcan Agua
View from Casa Muriel, Antigua, Guatmala
Exterior view of Casa Muriel

Fountain at Casa Muriel
Casa Muriel's Entry Garden in Antigua, Guatemala
Welcome...Casa Muriel's Entry Garden
Casa Muriel's Entry Garden in Antigua, Guatemala
Casa Muriel's Entry Garden
Casa Muriel's fountain in Antigua, Guatemala
Casa Muriel's Fountain
Casa Muriel entry,  La Antigua, Guatemala.
Casa Muriel's entryway
Entry to Patio at Casa Muriel in Antigua, Guatemala
Casa Muriel's Patio
Casa Muriel's Garden in Antigua, Guatemala
Casa Muriel's Patio
The living area at Casa Muriel.
The Living Area
Casa Muriel Living Area
Den and Patio
View from Casa Muriel's Kitchen
View from the Kitchen Sink
Casa Muriel's Kitchen in Antigua, Guatemala
The Kitchen
The dining room at Casa Muriel, La Antigua, Guatemala
The Dining Room
The breakfast patio at Casa Muriel
The Breakfast Patio  
The terrace at Casa Muriel in Antigua, Guatemala.
The Terrace
Casa Muriel Guestroom, La Antigua, Guatemala.
Guest Room
Casa Muriel Guest Room,  La Antigua, Guatemala.
Guest Room  
Yoga practice in Guatemala.
Yoga at Casa Muriel
The bath at Casa Muriel in La Antigua, Guatemala.

Depending on your type of surgery, you may be able to continue your travels in anywhere from three days to one month. During that time, we will remain at your service and continue to follow up even after you have returned home.

traveling in Guatemala


Map showing GuatemalaGuatemala is the northernmost of the Central American countries, bordering Mexico and Belize, and the closest to the United States. Flights from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Houston, Texas are about two hours and fifteen minutes to GUA, Guatemala’s International airport.

Antigua Guatemala lies in a highland valley, and is surrounded by three stunning volcanoes. It remains one of Latin America’s most delightful colonial towns, and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Antigua is a real highlight of any vacation to Guatemala and it is only 40 minutes by car from Guatemala City.

The reason we travel to exotic destinations, like the Caribbean rainforest, Pacific fishing villages and historic colonial highlands of Guatemala, is for leisure and rejuvenation. This sort of retreat is exactly the atmosphere we crave surrounding a complicated or invasive medical procedure. Low-impact activities for patients include spa retreats, Spanish classes, escorted shopping trips and tours of coffee or macadamia plantations.

Remember the highlights of past vacations? Was it an airplane ride over magnificent ancient ruins, deep-sea sport fishing, or finding the most romantic and charming restaurant for that extra special occasion? You can do all that in Guatemala and return with more than just photos and memories. This time, arrive at home with a new set of dazzling teeth, a surgically sculpted body shape or perfect 20/20 vision. Guatemala Medical Travel is the only medical travel company that can make it happen to suit both your budget and time frame.

Children performing in Guatemala. Fine dining in Guatemala. A fruit market in Guatemala.

Coffee Finca in Guatemala.