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Reviews of Guatemalan doctors


Reviews of Guatemalan doctors Dear Lori….  Please feel free to use this letter of thanks as a testimonial to the superb service I received while under the care of your travel service. My friends and family in the United States had major concerns about me receiving medical care in Central America, however, I had done my homework by reviewing your website and felt confident that your doctors and facilities were top notch. At the time, I was very unhappy with the quality of care I was receiving in the U.S. for a recurring infection and stomach issues that no one could seem to cure.

When I say that all I had to do once I arrived at my beautiful suite and private bath was to get up and get dressed, I meant literally just that. Three delicious meals were served each day, transportation to all doctor appointments, procedures and surgeries were provided and a GMT nurse was present with me every step of the way. Every physician I saw spoke English, was very thorough in their examinations and made certain all of my questions were answered. The facilities were 21st century and the staff friendly and accommodating. All tests were done right at the doctor’s office instead of having to travel to separate facilities. Medications were included.

In between appointments I was entertained by being taken to museums, jazz clubs, out to dinner and visited the local town of Antiqua for sightseeing. Who would have ever thought that the process of facing medical procedures would be such a pleasant experience?

I consulted with three top-notch specialists: Dermatologist, ENT and Gynecologist. Over 7 days I had these procedures: Cystoscopy, CAT Scan, Chest X-ray, MRI of shoulder and lower back, Bone Density Scan, Complete Blood Work and colonoscopy, PLUS an arthroscopic surgery and manipulation on my left shoulder. I was provided with full reports, films and DVD’s to bring back to the US. All of the above was done for a fraction, and I stress fraction, of what I would have paid back home.

Your service has been touted to everyone I know who is unhappy with the medical care and exorbitant costs of care in the United States. Should I ever require further medical attention, I will be contacting Guatemala Medical Travel.

Sincerely, Linda K. DuBois, Pompano Beach, FL



Lori, I want to thank you, Megan and Katharina for your support and attention when Beth and I stayed with you at “Casa Muriel” while I had an implant procedure from the great dental team you selected for me.

When my Canadian dentist told me how much the dental implant would cost, it looked like there would be no way to have both the implant and to spend the winter sailing in Central America as we have done since we retired. However, I learned from you that you can get the same great – and safe – dental care in Guatemala as is available in North America, but for a fraction of the cost. I received first class medical care and I was able to spend the winter season sailing the Caribbean – talk about having your cake and eating it too!

But we also got so much more than that. Where else would you be picked up at the airport, driven to your appointments and have a registered nurse go with you to keep a record and to act as translator and advocate; or be told by your dentist to drop in anytime, at no charge, with any concerns or to check how things were healing?

From the hospitality you provide at Casa Muriel, your beautiful Spanish colonial home in La Antigua – a city rich in history and culture – to sharing meals with you, Megan, Katharina, to meeting your friends and other patients, to the personal attention you and your team provided at Casa Muriel, we enjoyed a first class experience beyond what I could have imagined as being part of medical travel service.

I received a level of care and attention from the entire Guatemala Medical Travel staff that I would never have received at home or if I had tried to arrange for the dental implant abroad on my own. One of you were always around to answer questions, to give advice on medications, to fill out insurance claim forms, to arrange tours or to act as translator all in addition to the high quality of dental care that you arranged. Thank you very much.

Jim and Beth, Halifax, Nova Scotia



In September 2011, I had a total right hip replacement in Guatemala City. It was tricky arranging the details from Canada where my wife and I were visiting family and that’s why I contacted Lori Shea from Guatemala Medical Travel. She was in contact via email and arranged bank transfers, sought out accommodations for me and Carole and made sure that the prosthesis I wanted was available prior to our flying to Guatemala.

Lori met us in the City. She arranged and drove us to my initial consultations with the surgeon and cardiologist. She also took us to have my blood work done and X-Rays taken.

The doctors and the hospital facilities were first rate with a caring staff that made me feel like I was their only patient. There were hugs, kisses and sincere wishes for a speedy recovery on my departure from the hospital. Lori arranged for the ambulance to take me to La Antigua for my recuperation and her staff drove Carole back to the apartment which Lori had arranged for us.

Lori made sure I had the necessary equipment such as a walker and a raised toilet and she contacted a nurse to ensure that my staples were removed on time. She also organized physical therapy sessions to take place in our apartment during the first three weeks and drove me to subsequent sessions at the clinic/spa. Taking the paperwork off our hands, she kept us up-to-date with medical, financial and all medication details.

A couple of unforeseen scheduling problems arose which Lori handled efficiently. She was generous with her offers to take Carole shopping or drop us off at places and was always in contact with us throughout our two months in Antigua. Her staff, Juan and Ann, were friendly and helpful; in fact, I can honestly recommend GMT to anyone thinking about having medical treatment in Guatemala.  She provided a peace of mind for both of us and I’m sure this helped in my speedy recovery.

Roger W., aboard s/v Androsian



I am a part-year resident of Antigua and have been for several years; enjoying the weather, the people, and the culture. I met Lori Shea and became familiar with GMT several years ago but did not enlist Lori’s assistance until this year when it became apparent that some dental issues needed attention and ought not be delayed any longer.

Lori and I discussed my general needs … She then arranged an initial appointment for me and managed my treatment. All treatment was highly professional, quickly accomplished; absolutely pain free and, most amazing to me, waiting time at each appointment was non-existent. I arrived and was in the chair almost immediately upon arrival. A short number of days later another colleague and implant specialist from the city (Dr. Bonilla) arrived to do the two dental implants in the lower jaw. This was accomplished, again without wait or delay, in a little more than an hour.

The lab did an excellent job and additional appointments for adjustments over an additional week resulted in a comfortable, stable, final fit. At one early point in this process Dr. Sami made some changes and then said, “try this for a little bit and then come back in an hour and a half, and I will make additional adjustments.” No appointment a day or two later, just come back a little later and we will fine tune it some more. What service and professionalism!

Altogether my cost for Lori’s management services and three excellent dental specialists was about US$4300—roughly one-third (or perhaps even a little less) of what this work would have cost in the States. The service and care from Dr. Sami and his colleagues were of the highest professional skill and quality and, given my dental history, I have multiple frames of reference by which to judge! I am more than satisfied; I was delighted by the experience and recommend Lori, GMT, and Dr. Sami without hesitation or reservation.

M. Donley, Seattle, WA.



I was diagnosed with tonsil/tongue cancer and had surgery in the U.S. at an exorbitant price, and with extremely unsatisfactory results. The doctor knew I had no insurance, so he neglected to offer any after-surgery care (chemo/radiation therapy) and two months later, the cancer came roaring back involving my neck and lymph glands.

In Guatemala, I remembered folks talking about an outfit called Guatemala Medical Travel, and the excellent care/prices they received while there, so I emailed them. Happily, I’m still here to share the story. After corresponding with Lori, the director of this service, I flew to Guatemala and was picked up at the airport and whisked off to the beautiful colonial city of Antigua and my home for the next 2 1/2 months.

Within 24 hours, I had consultations with Dr. Luis Linares and Dr. Michel Nuyens, plus CT scans, blood work, EKG, meetings with the ENT team and the radiology specialist, and two days later had surgery on my neck and lymph glands.  Then came 6 weeks of radiation therapy. The hospital was 1st class, the doctors (all fluent in English) graduates of schools/hospitals such as Johns-Hopkins, Sloane- Kettering, etc., and the radiology facility/equipment was brand new and state of the art.

The cost of surgery/treatment was 1/6 of that of the U.S. but, most importantly, the level of care was incredible; the doctors/nurses treated me as a person not a number and I can honestly say that these people are now among my friends—something I cannot say of their U.S. counterparts who seemed more interested in the depth (or lack of) my bank account.

Peter, aboard Nomad, Bahamas



For starters, thank you all for your efforts and attention to Sherry’s medical needs. We learned so much and came away with more than we had hoped.  Great personal and medical attention and enough information to start our own liver clinic! You really impacted her life in a positive way. She was almost defeated because the “best medical system” in the world turned their backs on her.

As for Megan’s work… Well, we could not be happier having had her as Sherry’s nurse. We’re just ever so happy to have made the trip and had the opportunity to make new friends – and get some awesome medical care.

… THANK YOU! Your sincere and compassionate help was more than we could have asked for and it meant the world to Sherry. She is such a caring and compassionate soul – she needed exactly the attention you provided. Please know that your efforts will continue to have a tremendously positive effect on her, and me, as we go forward. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

As we go forward, we’ll send periodic updates. Until then, thank you all again for everything and we hope to see you in the future – hopefully under different circumstances. There will always be a place for you to stay in Sacramento. Our Love and Gratitude to All.

Take care Lori and God Bless! Keep the faith and carry on with the mission. God has rewards for those who take care of others.  Feel free to use our testimonial as you wish. It’s heartfelt and true!

Warmly, Dennis and Sherry, Sacramento, CA



On September 8, 2012, after a celebratory birthday lunch in the city of Antigua, we headed back to our village. Upon leaving the bus, my family heirloom wedding rings caught on something as I took the last step down, and my right-handed ring finger was “de-gloved.”

Billy and I discussed our alternatives and decided to phone Lori Shea from Guatemala Medical Travel. She jumped into action, contacted Dr. Galindo and arranged for a consultation in Guatemala City that afternoon.

My dominant hand was injured, and I could not fill out the paperwork myself, so Lori took all my medical history. She accompanied us into the office, chatted with the doctor, and helped get us a better price for services by keeping me out of the hospital. … That evening after seeing the surgeon and having oxygen therapy, Lori drove us home. Over the next six weeks, I had ten hyperbaric chamber treatments and eleven visits with Dr. Galindo – three of which were on weekends or the national holiday, and two for which we were not charged.

Instead of an amputation, I have a living finger expected to be rehabbed into full working order. On every level of assistance, people were personable and supportive of my condition. I was not a patient number or someone’s car payment and not once was I rushed. Here in Guatemala, treatment was both affordable and accessible.

Read the full story on Akaisha’s website.

Akaisha Kadderly



It’s now two months since I’ve returned to CT from Guatemala, and I’m still running into old friends and acquaintances who rave about my new white smile. They tell me I look like myself, only better. And I tell them that my dental experience in Guatemala was a trip of a lifetime and a dream come true.

I had crowns, resin fillings and laser whitening, all-in-all over $10,000 worth of dental work, at a cost of only $3,000. Even with airfare it was still less than half of what I would have paid in the U.S. What’s more, I had the pleasure of meeting the charming Dr. Samuel Oliva, who did the work swiftly and painlessly during short visits over several days. I sat in his chair looking at ancient beams in the ceiling while, through an open window, bougainvillea blossoms swayed from a vine in a courtyard.

The person who made all of this happen, who found my perfect dentist, helped me make treatment decisions, squired me to and from appointments and served as a top-notch travel guide was the unstoppable Lori Shea. She is a gifted medical matchmaker as well as a gracious hostess. It is her energy and smarts that lead me to the beautiful moment when I heard Dr. Sami say: ‘Your mouth is healthy, your teeth are strong and protected, your smile is all set for life.’ It’s by far the best gift I’ve ever given myself.

Todd Lyon, New Haven, CT



While trying to research local doctors to treat my infection and injury, I found Guatemala Medical Travel. With years of research behind them, GMT knows all the best doctors in Guatemala. They set up my appointments, drove me into the city, helped in the recovery process, and invited me to stay in their beautiful guest house. I had probably $15,000 worth of laboratory tests done, saw 7 doctors, and began physical therapy, all for about $2,000 in the week I was in Antigua. Every doctor treated me like a human, took interest in my case, and spoke English fluently. The doctors were up to par if not better than ones I have experienced in the US. I got an hour with each for a fraction of the price I would have paid in the States.

Lori and the rest of the staff at GMT made me feel safe, welcome, and healthy again. GMT is an amazing agency here in Antigua- a quaint city that is surrounded by the most beautiful volcanoes!  After doing some research about GMT I found that they mostly do major surgeries and other massively expensive medical procedures that are plaguing the US. What a genius idea!  I had a great experience here at GMT and would highly recommend their services to anyone- traveler or not- who needs to get high quality health care at a low price.

S.H., Boulder, CO



When in life you have advice for surgery, but you don’t know where to go or who to trust, I can honestly say just put it into the hands of Lori at Guatemala Medical Travel. Lori has spent years researching which surgeon or specialist is of the best possible caliber to give you the care you need. She has had several patients use these specialists, who have top skills and training from top medical establishments around the world.

This is a service that everyone should have access to! Not only that, Lori has you stay at her own home, looks after every possible need, including transport, appointments, follow up procedures. You can relax knowing that if anything at all is to worry you, immediate attention is given either by the nurse who is present in  the day or by Lori herself at night, who also has the personal telephone numbers of every specialist and help is just a phone call away.

Relaxing after the procedures is perfect, as you can stay in Lori’s beautiful peaceful guest house. Lori holds your hand the whole way through even being present as you have the surgery itself. She becomes the friend you need, and her service is a treasure, allowing you to easily have the opportunity to use world class surgeons or consultants.

M.B., London, England 



I can only imagine that I hurt my back 30 years ago while doing a navy divers course. In my spine, I have a lumbar vertebra which is crushed, or still being crushed by disks both above and below. This bone and the nerves to my legs were being attacked by bacteria.

After five months of deterioration, my daughter came to visit me and immediately called Guatemala Medical Travel. Lori gave her directions to the top Guatemala City hospital and instructions to have me there as soon as possible. Lori met us there on Sunday afternoon and had me admitted immediately. After five days intensive care and seven days of further hospitalization, I went to stay at Lori’s place. Here, I was visited twice daily by a nurse for intravenous antibiotic medication and received personal care by Lori herself.

For two months I was either unable to walk or barely getting around. I’ve been back on my boat for some months and getting better slowly. I’m walking again now but it still might be some time before I can go sailing again. But, without Lori I might not be writing to you.

JPB, Rio Dulce, Guatemala



I tripped and fell down, shattering my left elbow. OUCH. There was NO help available in the Rio Dulce/Morales area, other than x-rays, which proved the need for a skilled orthopedic surgeon. Lori Shea at Guatemala Medical Travel paved the way, making an appointment the same day I got to the city. She met me and took me to Multimedica, where the doctor made a very thorough exam, explaining and answering my many questions. Did I mention he speaks perfect English? Right there at the first visit, I knew I was in good hands.

Surgery was scheduled and duly performed, with only an overnight stay in an elegant hospital. I now have a plate and 7 screws, my first education on how it all fuses. Follow up care was simplified with the personal touch that Lori is known for, in transportation and scheduling. I am healing, mending, and doing the physical therapy necessary to get total mobility back.

With your help, I am grateful to have found the solution to what could have been a permanently crippling future.

Thanks, M.E. Rio Dulce



For 50-odd years, I have lived for the sun – on the beach and in the ocean. For the last 20 years I was warned all the time: “Wear your sunscreen and sunglasses for protection”. Even so, I never expected this…

Sometimes you see an irregular mole your back or face, but this time I got a cyst on my cornea! Yep, my precious eyeball. Treatment and surgery were hugely expensive in Miami, so thank you to Guatemala Medical Travel and Lori Shea for getting me back on the road to perfect vision again.

Surgery was three days ago, and on next Saturday the tiny microscopic stitches will be removed. My surgeon was beyond extraordinary, in fact I could not see him earlier than last Saturday because he was called to Chicago on a consult (yeah, he is that good). I will still continue to live in my beach house 20 feet from the ocean, so if you see me, I will be the grateful one, in the hat, with the wrap-around sunglasses. I’m HAPPY folks!

Penny Smith, Key West



I just heard about Lori and Guatemala Medical Travel and I’m so grateful. I’ve been interested in medical travel for a while, but I always felt I would be uncomfortable going to a foreign country for medical procedures. Not because of the quality of care, but for the language difference and taking care of all the details that Lori and her staff coordinate so easily.

Now I feel that medical care in Guatemala could be an option for me and my family. How wonderful to have someone there to take care of all the details! I truly didn’t know this level of service existed. Finding information on your website added an additional level of confidence. I think we all need a little push before having the confidence to make the right decision and move forward. This what you do so well. Thanks again for all you do.

Janice, Corazol, Belize



As a fire chief in Long Beach, CA, I developed a pre-hospital system that trained paramedics and firefighters, so I had a very strong background in the medical system and thought I knew how it all worked. However, I am now retired and living in Guatemala. When I found out I had prostate cancer I chose to listen to my family doctor who recommended a urologist, who literally butchered my urinary canal with a laser, instead of going directly to a cancer specialist.

After the cancer spread to my left femur, I turned everything over to my pal, Lori. She took me by the hand and led me through what was, to me, uncharted water. She has done a masterful job of learning all about the doctors and their skills. Needless to say, I owe her my life, or at least my undying gratitude.

G.D. Morgan, Rio Dulce



From the moment I met Dr. Bonilla I felt confident. Lori described him as “the best” and after our first consultation about a triple by-pass heart surgery, they gave me complete confidence in his skills.

On the day of the surgery the doctor met with us in my room and then outside the operating room, explaining what would be happening next and how long it was likely to take. When I came out of the operating room, he was right there with me, and I knew instinctively that good work had been done.

Lori from Guatemala Medical Travel and Dr. Bonilla and his cardio-thoracic team checked on me regularly in intensive are for the six days I was there. Recovery was as expected, and I feel that I have 20 more years of life to add to my 78 years!

Gene B. Antigua Guatemala, 2017



Dr. Collia was a star as he picked up my pieces and kept me from breaking down into tears because I’ve been suffering in so much pain for so long. He held out a life line to me and I still can’t believe that from a simple procedure he believes he can rid me of this pain forever!

So, I am booked in for an early 7am surgery next Thurs to have the facet joint injections using x-ray guidance, as it appears to him that I have facet syndrome in my lower back. He has pretty much promised me that the pain will almost all totally be gone once he has done this! I find it hard to believe but have total faith in him.

Francesca Wade, Panajachel



(Working with GMT) … is a wonderful way to experience top notch medical care within budget and enjoy a unique cultural emersion with sites of ancient and historical value. Both aspects of GMT offer a cohesive relationship for physical and spiritual healing. The staff is well versed in the locations and a wealth of information to set your mind at ease for security, safety and knowledge. You are in caring, responsible hands. Everyone is most accommodating, and the serene setting makes the transition of culture very comfortable and enjoyable. I hope to make annual returns for check-ups and to see more of this breathtaking country.

Kathleen B., Cayman Islands



Hi Lori, Just a short note to thank you for all your help and support to Peter, Helen and me when he suffered a burst brain aneurysm last October. As I have said to you in person, your intervention was so crucial to Peter getting the best medical help available which was critical to his surviving such a devastating incident. Thankfully, Peter’s surgery was successful, and he continues to do well. We are hoping to have him back in Ireland in early February. We are deeply grateful for all you did for us and we wish you a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

God bless, Sean and Helen



WOW! I’m 75, and that beats anything I ever had in a GYN experience. He was thorough and professional and not hard to look at!  But besides that, I got a 4-D ultrasound of my vagina, boobs, ovaries, bladder, liver & kidneys!! I’m in good shape for the shape I’m in. He & I discussed future needs, incorporating some drugs that my GP recommended, plus some additional ones, and he is planning to revamp me into a 50 year old, sexually!  Good trick if he can pull it off. I’ll be seeing him again in 6 weeks. Thank you so much!

Judy, Antigua, Guatemala



Last summer I was in terrible pain and needed a hip replacement. My orthopedist quoted $45,000 in Miami and I don’t have health insurance. My only choice was to live with it for five years until Medicare kicks in. Guatemala Medical Travel found me an excellent surgeon as well as cheap airline tickets. I paid for all the travel expenses, surgery, physical therapy and three weeks recovering at “Casa Muriel” without even maxing out my credit card. I’m so grateful to finally be pain free – I know I could never get this sort of care at home.

A. Barstow, Key West, Florida




Lori runs a small but very professional service to make it easy to get some of the best medical care in the world. She understands and anticipates your needs and concerns before you even do yourself.  My doctor (Dr. Emilio Mishaan) was extremely competent. He found another problem and combined fixing it with my hernia repair. He scheduled me between transplant operations and came to visit me before and after surgery, and again to check on me the next day. Staying at Casa Muriel is like being part of a family where everyone helped with everything.

Ian W. – Bahamas and Vancouver, BC.



I would like you to thank both doctors for me. The lung doctor especially (Drs. Castellanos and Moralejo). It seems I have a mass in the mediastinum, the area between the heart and lungs. It is a cancer … My internist says it “was a gift from God” that it was found (by the specialists in Guatemala). All the doctors (specialists and department heads in Chicago) are interested in knowing how it was it found, etc. It seems this is not too usual a place to have a mass. I’ll keep you posted on progress.

Barbara K., Chicago, USA



We thought the dear Doc was very excellent. Professional, concise, good equipment. Good manner. Mother and baby doing well. He was even kind enough to tell us it’s a boy!  Sadly, our US doctor seemed very put out… as territorial as she is misinformed, so we’re using someone else who understands modern equipment better. Let’s hope our new U.S. Doctor is as up to date as Dr. Novales! I would strongly recommend both your service and Dr. Novales. Should we meet anyone who needs assistance in Guatemala we would certainly recommend your services.

Best Regards, Edward B.



Lori handled everything with ease and lightheartedness which I really appreciated, since I had been nervous about the prognosis. Everything turned out great. The doctor was excellent, better than most doctors I’ve encountered in the States, and not only was he knowledgeable, professional and prepared, he was funny and very personable too.

I felt like I was under very good care and will recommend GMT to everyone! I had a wonderful experience before with a dentist Lori recommended. I would not hesitate to contact her for any of my future medical needs.

A.A. San Francisco, CA



I communicated with my doctor on the phone from home regarding my terrible headaches and my local doctor’s diagnosis. When I arrived in Guatemala City, I went directly to the doctor’s office where I had a complete physical exam, blood tests and CT scan within a few hours. By 4pm the doctor was discussing the results of those lab reports and diagnostic exams with me. My exam, testing and treatment were done in one day for around $300. I would expect at least a week and $1500 for the same service in America.

B.H. from Philadelphia



Thanks so much for bringing me to Dr Castellanos. He was thorough, prompt, informative and obviously knew how to fix my heart problems – everything we wanted in a cardiologist. We could never have navigated all the appointments, instructions, procedures and follow up care without your careful attention and daily updates. Dr. C. is now the “go to” doctor for me and my husband, and we are thankful that Guatemala Medical Travel to introduce us to the very best doctors, from open heart surgery to dental work and everything in between.

Judy S. Antigua, Guatemala



I had a great experience with Lori Shea and Guatemala Medical Travel. She is professional, prompt, organized and caring. She was very attentive and sensitive to whatever questions and concerns I might have had regarding the care I needed. I just contacted her, and she set everything up. She made the appointment with the doctor, picked me up, and accompanied me to my appointment in Guatemala City, then took notes, handled all the payments, and drove me back to Antigua! All for a very reasonable fee.

Alicia, Antigua Guatemala



I came to Guatemala Medical Travel with a need for some diagnostic procedures.  My experience with the physician Lori recommended was excellent. From the introductory consultation to the follow-up, Dr. Pasarrelli was an excellent doctor, and the facilities he used were of the best quality too. I was so impressed that I approached Lori to see if I could help her build her business; so here I am. This is truly one of the best health care values going!

John V., Santa Cruz, CA




I am pleased, happy, thrilled, grateful!! I still have my hand intact, and we constantly brag about your quick and efficient services and how wonderful Dr. Galindo and the hyperbaric chamber (and doctor) were. It was a medical adventure we would rather not have taken, but things are really good now… so I am blessed and fortunate. I still haven’t played any tennis, which my whole body needs — so perhaps when I return to Mexico.

From Akaisha



The next time I see you, I’ll be able to hear you as well.  Dr. Pati was great as was her staff.  We were offered coffee and had to finish it during the testing!  Very prompt, especially as we were about 10 minutes late.  I got exactly the hearing aids that I needed.  They work great and I love hearing again!  Thank you for helping me to locate her.  Looking forward to “hearing” you again soon.

Jim L. aboard S/Y Oasis, Rio Dulce




Great service. Professional and friendly. I had no worries under GMT. Doctors all spoke English, and the care and technology are better than I have found in the US. Lori and her staff are the best. The cost of care has been significantly reduced as compared to what I was quoted in the US. I would recommend GMT without a doubt. The town Antigua has been quite interesting, and the Guatemalan people are very friendly.

Kathe, Ft. Myers, Florida



Thanks again for everything.  I really appreciate your help.  It set my mind at ease to hear that I didn’t need surgery and that my situation wasn’t as serious as I thought it might have been.  I didn’t realize how much it had been weighing on me.  All the symptoms are improving so far, I’m a lot more comfortable, and I am following the doctor’s advice.  He was a sweetheart, just like you said.

Ayana H., San Francisco




In November 2013 my Mom needed cataract surgery and chose to have state of the art triple-vision lenses. Considering co-pays, deductibles and other expenses in Florida, as well as the surgical skills and attention of Dr. Golcher and Dr. Gonzalez, Muriel chose to have both cataract surgeries in Guatemala. She recovered perfectly, as expected, enjoyed celebrity-status VIP personal care, and she received a big insurance reimbursement check besides. Smart lady, my mother.

Lori Shea, Guatemala Medical Travel



We really enjoyed reading your newsletter about Walter’s story now that the panic times are over. We are elated about his progress – you sure got him into a great hospital with excellent doctors.  Can’t thank you enough.

Thank goodness for you and your wonderful organization. We wouldn’t have even known what to do to help him if not for you – we will always remember that you saved his life.

Thank you, Kay and Rudy



Just wanted to let you know, we have been very pleased with the whole experience with our dental work and the vacation arrangements.  We will highly recommend your business to anyone who is considering it. Thank you again Lori and we look forward to the next time we can come to Guatemala again! 🙂

Linda and Joe


Guatemala Medical Travel Lori Shea


Guatemala Medical Travel Lori SheaTo have the level of care that Lori herself provides coupled with the fine expertise of the doctor makes for a heart-opening experience beyond your dreams of what health care can be.

V. Spencer




I am very pleased with Dr. Amenabar’s consultation and I’m also very grateful with your organization to make everything go smoothly. I have emailed my daughter about offering her this stem cell treatment… In all, I am pleased with the whole service you supplied. Thank you, Lori.





In any case Lori, my mom and I want to thank you sincerely for the wonderful effort that you have put in our case and we wish you and your business the very best. You truly went above and beyond in helping us out. Thank you.

Sincerely, Mikhail



It was such a relief to be able to discuss my medical situation in German, my native language.  I was much more confident to know that communication was perfect all during my diagnosis and treatment. I trust him completely and everything was smooth.

Inga D., Rio Dulce



Hi Ann, Thanks so much for the heads up about tomorrow!  Looking forward to it. … Everything is healing incredibly. The scarring at the incision sites is really minimal, which just goes to show what an amazing surgeon Dr. Galindo is.

Thanks, J.



Another great visit with Dr. Novales. I continue to be consistently impressed with the quality of care, professionalism and cost (as in inexpensive). Thanks again for the reference and help. I will continue to promote your service – it’s a great deal!

Susan, Panajachel


Reviews of Guatemalan doctors


I must tell you that I’m very happy with the work my dentist has done so far. He is so concerned to do the very best for me and make me perfect teeth. Thanks for everything.




I was lucky and grateful to have the advantage of being able to hook up with your expertise in Guatemala…. Thank you for all your help and kindnesses over the past few years.

Bob D. Panajachel