The quality of care is essential. Our preferred providers have been thoroughly screened and qualified to assure that you receive superior medical care in state-of-the-art facilities by the most highly skilled medical practitioners. We provide full-service medical tourism solutions with handpicked hospitals and doctors that make affordable surgeries as stress free as possible.

Our patients expect highly-qualified doctors, full-service hospitals and the low prices that we are used to in Central America. What absolutely astounds American patients in Guatemala is the level of personal service: compassion, respect and patience. In the Latin culture, you can expect “at your service” and “it’s my pleasure” to be absolutely sincere and all in a day’s work.

Communication is the key to success, particularly with respect to ensuring positive patient outcomes. You may be astounded to find that the doctor will give you his personal cell phone number and be available to respond to your concerns and questions as they arise. Rest assured that your doctor speaks fluent English to thoroughly explain treatments, alternatives and recovery instructions. All telephone and email communications will be confirmed and compiled by your agent, and available for your inspection in one complete, easy-to-understand file.






Guatemala Medical Travel has been everything and more than I could have expected.

Anyone would be nervous scheduling a medical procedure in another country. Sometimes you second guess your own instincts. But I can tell you the service provided was far above what I expected. Lori Shea sets up all your appointments, finds your lodging and even picks you up at the airport. I felt like I was visiting family rather than having a medical procedure. Her hospitality has made me feel at home and my recovery a breeze.

Dr. Stephan Preuss was my surgeon and I really didn’t know what to expect from him when I arrived. Lori had told me he is one of the best doctors around and he definitely lived up to her description. He was very professional; spoke perfect English and I was very happy that he never tried to oversell me on my procedure. He was open and very honest about what he could do and what he felt would give me the best results.

His office and staff are amazing. New, clean and efficient. They go out of their way to make sure you feel comfortable. Would I recommend Guatemala Medical Travel and Dr. Preuss? You bet 100%!

Debbie, aboard s/v Delphinia





Hey Lori,

Just wanted to thank you again for all you do! We had a really great experience with everything in Guatemala! I enjoyed meeting you and Bella. I have referred you and the dentists – Dr. Contreras and Dr. Alfaro – to several people already, including my parents, who just may be coming for periodontal cleanings!!   Feeling great!  Having minimal pain, but controllable with the pain meds.

Laura Thornbrough, Key West






My 23-year-old daughter was traveling in Guatemala when she fell seriously ill. Unable to come back to the States for diagnostic and treatment workups, we found Lori & Guatemala Medical Travel. And thank goodness we did! Lori got Sophie into top notch infectious disease specialists, helped her with housing & transportation, accompanied her to office and lab visits and helped her to follow up with doctors for several weeks as she made her complete recovery.

She also assisted her in securing excellent orthopedic care with Dr. Rodrigo Bolaños for an unusual and painful shoulder injury and the essential physical therapy to insure her recuperation.  As worried parents hundreds of miles away, it was a godsend to find Guatemala Medical Travel and we are ever indebted to Lori for her professionalism, her ability to secure appointments in a timely fashion, her kindnesses to our daughter, her thoughtfulness in communicating with me during Sophie’s difficult times as well as for the access she afforded Sophie to state of the art diagnostic and treatment approaches for both an infectious disease and an orthopedic injury.

I strongly recommend GMT to anyone seeking medical care in a more affordable setting but also for those who find themselves in Guatemala needing medical care.

Amy, Massachusetts






After what has been quite an interesting couple of days, I need to thank Lori Shea and Dr. Michael Vitale for literally saving my life! On 5:30 on Sunday morning I woke with pain like I’ve never felt before. If that’s a Zacapa hangover, then nobody would ever drink Zacapa again! Turned out to be an acute gall bladder attack. Lucky to have Lori there in a few minutes to coordinate everything, the ambulance rushed me, moaning and screaming, all the way to Guatemala City. I was poked, scanned, prodded, and ultimately operated on, revealing a whole handful of gallstones, one of which is as big as a walnut.

After two days of wonderful care, I am home now and resting, contemplating a life without fatty food. I am very thankful for the support of all my friends…love you and don’t know what I’d do without you. The photos are my medical team with me on the table, and the Celebrity Gallstone. The surgeon took the photos and put them on his own FB page, and hospital resident docs were stopping by to have a peek. Damn that hurt!!!! Glad to be alive…

Anne Gerhardt, Antigua






I came to Guatemala for dental work after being in significant discomfort for a few months. Dr. Sami Oliva and his staff were professional, punctual, courteous and kind and they fixed my problem.

I left Antigua pain free, with a beautifully smooth crown and no further discomfort.

It was a wonderful experience, and Lori made the process of getting there seamless, simple and stress free!! Between the money exchange, cell phones and personalized service, I cannot emphasize how much the experience was top shelf from the beginning to the end. I have and will continue to recommend GMT to friends, family and patients, should they need medical services of the highest caliber for the fraction of the price. Kudos to you Lori, and your vision of affordable, high quality health care for those in need.

Lilah Brand, MS, PT – Orlando, FL






Drs. Dalia Gonzalez de Golcher and Jose Golcher did the most caring, loving surgery that anyone can imagine. The tone of voice, camaraderie and deep feelings of intuition that were shown to me were beyond my furthest expectations, much less imaginings. The female anesthesiologist and the female technician worked with each other like a beautiful symphony. The room was filled with loving feelings toward each other as well as to me.

The attention to the details that are overlooked in the U.S. made for an exquisite experience of being truly cared about as a person and not as a number. The husband – wife team showed deep respect for each other in their communication which gave me even more confidence in them. Lori Shea’s level of professionalism mixed with her gift of being a care giver from the depths of her being, has made me want to shout about her from the rooftops.  I feel that I now have quite a list of folks that are acquaintances now, in Guatemala, that are destined to be friends for the rest of my life.

Victoria, Key West, Florida




Lori, Thanks for all your help. Not only did we get terrific service, but the city of Antigua was enchanting. Dr. De la Cruz cleaned my teeth, performed a checkup, and made several crowns and a resin filling, all for a fabulous price! I have told my friends about your service, so hopefully they will be travelling to Guatemala for medical services too.

The dermatologist performed a full-body scan and removed two mystery spots, all for only $97. These prices really say a lot for the medical controversy we have in the States.

Thanks again, Pam. P.




I just thought I’d drop you a note… I was looking at the webpage of Dr. Edgar Lopez. I’m so glad you took me to him. He has saved my life twice, the first being when you took me to emergency with pneumonia, and the second, I think the following year, with sepsis.

Actually, this is the first year since I’ve been in Guatemala that I haven’t been in the hospital, with Dr. Lopez attending. That’s not to mention the three hospitalizations in the US last year, all in conjunction with a hip replacement. This was overwhelming for me because the only other time I’d been in the hospital in the USA is when I had my tonsils out.

Anyway, I hope all is well with you, Dr. Lopez and all the great doctors there. So, Feliz y Prospero Año Nuevo.

Paula H., Pennsylvania




Dear Lori — I want to THANK YOU IMMENSELY! Dave went to see Dr. Castellanos on Thursday, accompanied by my partner Dan. It turns out that he has critical aortic stenosis due to having a bicuspid aortic valve and will need open heart surgery as soon as possible in order to avoid 50% chance of dying within two years. So, you have definitely been a major contributor to his ability to go on living. Thank you!!!!

Eliza S. Panajachel